Taylor Coleman-Underwood Real Estate Consultant / Team Leader taylor@youragentsedona.com (307) 840-0669

A fortunate step ahead the rest, Taylor Coleman-Underwood grew up in a real estate family. Mom, and partner Jody, loves to mention his first real estate experience. His first taste of the business was as a 6 year old, and was one of the most impactful moments of his career. From then on, Taylor has valued honestly over salesmanship. Throughout his life, Taylor’s self-imposed high standards led him to excel beyond his years. Contrary to the expectations of his colleagues, friends, and family, he became the youngest agent to ever achieve recognition as one of Sedona’s top 20 agents. Taylor’s knowledge of the dynamic Sedona real estate market, his exacting standards, relentless honesty, and his warm personality have made him a trusted partner. His humble nature may lead some to underestimate him, but experience has taught him that can be a superpower. Above all, at the end of the day, his highest measure of success is in that of his clients, and he never loses sight of that prize.


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